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TDI TURBOTWIN™ and TURBOSTART™ Turbine Air Starters
Anything Less is a Compromise
Why have TDI Air Starters become the world leader in quality and reliability?
Because since 1979, they have proven themselves in the world’s harshest, most demanding environments. TDI’s solid performance under these conditions have made the TurboTwin and TurboStart brands, the industry standard for reliability and long life.
TDI performance is the by-product of excellent design and engineering. TDI Air Starters eliminate the need for messy lubricators – resulting in cleaner operation and significantly less maintenance. Fewer moving parts made of high quality metals, and a unique open-air-path design that allows contaminants to literally “pass-through” deliver unmatched reliability. Add to that the industry’s lightest weight units for ease of installation and quietest operation and it’s easy to see why “anything less than a TDI” is a compromise.

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