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Engines / Parts & Accessories: Single Cylinder-Engines

We buy, sell & rebuild Ajax engines & compressors.


Rebuilt - exchange: heads, cylinders, pistons,
rods, x-heads, crankshafts, radiators, fan hubs, clutches, mags, governors, etc.





We build / manufacture Happy Starters, engine bases, beltguards,
mufflers, scrubbers, etc.







New parts: piston rings, packing, lubricators, pumps, bearings, seals, overspeed-switches, air cleaner housings, gauges, belts, sheaves, etc...


We are a factory distributor for Arrow Engines

Our C Series line of engines encompasses 5 different models,
with hp from 5 to 73, and speed ranging from 300-800 rpm.

The L Series L795 is the most substantial of the large flywheel
 engines-with twin Cylinders, continuous hp of 78.3 at 600 rpm

Arrows K Series engine is our newest addition to our
single cylinder line of engines. With 6hp and 400-800 rpm

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